Ascendi Capital


We help you preserve and grow your wealth through our Real Asset investment strategies which involves investing in real estate (acquisition of existing multifamily, carwash, and self-storage, light/flex industrial assets); utilities & power; healthcare; renewables; and their ancillary infrastructure/services using special purpose vehicles (SPVs) or private equity fund vehicles.

Why invest in real assets?

Investing in real asset strategies offers you capital preservation, capital appreciation, inflation protection, diversification, risk-adjusted competitive returns, and sustainable cash flows. Building long-term intergeneration wealth is best achieved through real asset investments that are long-term oriented in defensible sectors.

Why invest with us

We are driven by long-term considerations, investing in high-quality hard assets and/or businesses backed by hard assets that preserve your capital, have the potential for capital appreciation, and deliver sustainable cashflows.


We invest with you in asset classes that as humans, we cannot live without. We believe in compelling opportunities for direct investments in assets that positively impact the world. As active investors, our direct investment strategies allow for real control and alignment of interests.


Our core values and investment beliefs provide transparent structures on how we can help and support you in achieving your investment objectives. We have meticulous investment processes and approaches for creating investment strategies and solutions that are simple and easy to understand.


From deal sourcing (prospecting) to closing, we consider the immediate and long-term environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and rewards in our deal sourcing, investment analysis, management, and exit.

How it works?

We source the deals

...find, research, underwrite and structure opportunities not easily accessible to you

We invest with you a regulated tax efficient structure that aligns and protect your interests

We manage the assets

...improve operational efficiencies, increase revenue, reduce expenses, increase assets value & distributable cashflows 

We exit the assets

...determine returns /value maximizing exit/disposition, return your invested capital, and split the profits with you

Current Portfolio

Stony Place - Ascendi Capital

Stony Place
44 Units | 1BR & 2BR
Edmonton, AB