Natu Myers & Announce Closing of Ascendi Capital’s Multifamily Acquisition

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / May 9, 2022 / Inc. (“”) is pleased to announce Ascendi Capital Inc., (“Ascendi Capital”) has closed on a Class B multifamily (44-unit) apartment building acquisition.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / May 9, 2022 / Inc. (“”) is pleased to announce Ascendi Capital Inc., (“Ascendi Capital”) has closed on a Class B multifamily (44-unit) apartment building acquisition. Ascendi Capital has formed a private investment management practice focusing on origination capital preservation and cashflowing real-estate assets for private investors. The focus is to support individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies in making informed and value-maximizing financing and investment decisions with unique Canadian off-market real-estate transactions.

“Our client Adeola Oladimeji | CAIA, CPA, ACCA (“Adeola” – the managing partner of Ascendi Capital) was immediately attracted to the target assets he and his team originated. The structure was designed to grow with limited partners as he and his company grows. He remained patient and resourceful throughout the entire process through to completion, trusting the council of industry veterans.”

With the experience, added flexibility and leverage, Adeola and his team intend on using the opportunity to acquire substantial sets of multifamily units to service more partners, thus scaling their proven business model. Through targeting vetted properties throughout best-in-class neighborhoods in Canada, vintage properties that meet the underwriting parameters of a collective of chartered financial analysts after a lengthy and detailed due diligence process. “I’ve directly observed Adeola and Ascendi Capital’s team prepare their materials with meticulous detail. After financial and compliance preparation and getting the properties under contract, they consulted several financial services firms (including to triangulate with. By leveraging long-term citizen migration data, Ascendi Capital’s management team is taking advantage of Canadian real-estate trends” Natu Myers, founder of comments.

Aeropolis Capital , Monday, May 9, 2022, Press release picture
Aeropolis Capital , Monday, May 9, 2022, Press release picture

Ascendi Capital takes a local approach by targeting areas with increasing urbanization and diversified economy, growing job opportunities plus increase in salaries & wages supported by growing younger population and immigration.

It seems to be that the low recidivism in residents is driven by the fact that there’s increased housing affordability with them on the micro and macro scale. They see that Alberta created 25% of all net new jobs in Canada in the past 5 Years.” commented Madhur Monga, a CFA charter holder as part of the consultants coordinating with Natu Myers.

Aeropolis Capital, Thursday, March 31, 2022, Press release picture
Aeropolis Capital, Thursday, March 31, 2022, Press release picture

Ascendi Capital’s latest target has been an off-market owner-managed grade B multifamily property for acquisition in Edmonton, AB. The management group behind Ascendi Capital is ready to capitalize on sought-after opportunities like this after a lengthy review process of candidate properties under contract.

Ascendi Capital has decades of successful experience in various aspects of the off-market real-estate origination process. The team is using their experience to pioneer a new level of precision in the origination of undiscovered, high-demand real estate opportunities.

Ascendi targets vintage properties that have sustainable cash flows, value-add upsides and potential for capital appreciation with a long term focus as a strategy.

Interested parties can contact Ascendi Capital at to determine if this might make a suitable partnership.

The actual offering and sale of such securities were completed through entities with appropriate registration in jurisdictions where required.

About is a global boutique corporate advisory firm and inventor of the market category Self-Serve Investment Banking, which is specifically focused on assisting its members in structuring and financing funds, roll-ups, and acquisitions. Ultimately, empowers real estate syndicators and business-buyers to swiftly set up and raise over $10 million for their new funds, rolls-ups, or acquisitions, all while saving founders millions of dollars in the process.

Founded by Natu Myers, this turn-key solution democratizes investment banking, helps companies get ‘institution-ready,’ ensures their capital-raising campaigns are quicker and more effective from all aspects ranging from compliance to cost-saving deal structure and innovative capital raising structures. All projects are assisted through globally compliant means with a rapidly expanding global presence with joint venture partnerships. as a corporate consultant works with a global network of investment bankers and is planning to become an exempt market dealer in Canada.

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Adeola Oladimeji

Adeola is the founder & Managing Partner of Ascendi Capital Inc. – a private investment management and advisory firm focusing on real assets ( He was previously Head, Alternative Investments at TAK Asset Management; Director - Private Equity, CFO, & Senior Investment Advisor at Kappafrik Group. He holds a B.Sc in Finance from University of Lagos, Nigeria and is a CAIA, CPA, and ACCA chart-holder.