Ascendi Capital



Ascendi helps and supports private small to mid-sized companies and individuals through the process of buying and selling businesses (M&A advisory). 

We have a deep understanding and experience in the private markets on the buy-side, sell-side, and strategic advisory within the real assets space.

If you are looking for a true partner whose interest will align with yours from the get-go until your goals are accomplished, welcome to Ascendi Capital.

Acquisition Advisory

Helping you run an efficient acquisition process, navigating the vagaries and complexities of buying or acquiring a business.

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Optimization & Strategic Advisor

Helping and supporting you through your pre-deal or transaction thought process whether you are thinking of selling your business or investments, exit planning, making acquisitions or investments, divesting, diversifying and/or rebalancing your portfolio

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Business Sale Advisory

Helping you to sell your business for maximum value by guiding you through the sale process from start to close.

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Partner With Us?

Helping you to preserve your investment while generating sustainable returns 

Intergenerational wealth creation through Real Assets